WRX at The Kingdom: Episode 4, “Knudson vs The Spider X” | GolfWRX x TaylorMade

WRX at The Kingdom: Episode 4, “Knudson vs The Spider X” | GolfWRX x TaylorMade

In this final episode of WRX at The Kingdom, we test “Mondays Off” host Brian Knudson’s “gamer” against the stability of the #TaylorMade Spider X. Head Kingdom fitter Duane Anderson explains the real difference any golfer will see when given a putter that is built for stability. Overall, the results are overwhelming and a true look at what new tech will do against something that we have an emotional connection to.

The one-on-one tests we have done with BK (irons and putters) aren’t necessarily to rip his beloved gamers out of the bag. There is always more to it than just the numbers, however, we do see what he is leaving on the table from a data standpoint, and now any golfer can take his experience and explore it for themselves.

The point is: “get fit!” for your #golf clubs! Whether it’s to verify that what you have is correct, make a change, or for an understanding of what the new gear is designed to do, getting properly fit is a necessity for those that really want 14 best friends in their bag.

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