Whats In My DJ Bag

Whats In My DJ Bag

Before his DJ set at Ronnie Scotts, Statis runs through what equipment he takes in his DJ bag for a club DJ set. As he DJs with Serato there are all the standard expected pieces of equipment as well as a few that you might not have expected. He goes on to list all of these items that he squeezes into his DJ Bag:

Macbook Pro, Laptop Case, Laptop Stand, 2 Serato Vinyls, Serato CDs, 2TB Hard Drive, 2 Cables, Macbook Power Supply, Serato SL2 Box, Serato Bag, USB Cable, Sennheiser HD25 II Headphones, 2 Headphone Jacks, Shure SM58 Microphone, XLR Cable, Loads of Stereo Cables, 4 Stanton Cartridges, 4 Stanton Stylus’, Extra Cables & Adaptors, Phone Charger, Phone Charger Cable, USB Key, Canon EOS M, Camera Bag, 5 Canon Batteries, 128 GB SD Card, 32 GB SD Card, 4 AA Batteries, Ring Light & Business Cards.

After a quick overview of his actual DJ bag and its various pockets he then packs everything back into the bag and sets of to Soho in Central London. He wanders through the back streets of Soho and into Ronnie Scotts where he sets up and plays a warm up set before the Soul Boys perform one of the most energetic hour and a half shows Statis has ever seen. He gets trapped behind the band but manages to escape after a while and then has to return and get back behind the decks again to begin his 3 hours DJ set. This goes down a storm and everyone has an amazing time and parties until they are all exhausted. After a job well done Statis packs his bag up again and sets off through Soho back to his car and off home for some well earned rest.

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Beatnik Vlog 078 – What’s In My DJ Bag