What weapons are good in mordhau?

What weapons are good in mordhau?

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Notes/recap below:
1. Means you can fake accel to drag for longer
2. Means you can get gambled more easily
3. Means you punish slower on a missed parry (but thats kind of negated by how OP stabs are)
4. 2 handers generally have more wind-up, heavy handaxe is an exception
5. More windup = more jank on a wristy twisty
6. More windup = more weird instantness on a jpeg
7. Faster windup = better gambles

Release time
1. Longer drags with longer release time
2. But you can drag any weapon
3. Most 2 handers have a similar release time
4. 1 handers generally have less release time

1. Less turncap = harder to drag, but with a wristy twisty footdrags become easier for everything
2. More turncap = easier to drag, especially the non-footwork drags like stargazers
3. More turncap = easier to fake accel then drag
4. Lots of the more precise technical things benefit from more turncap

1. Stabs are extremely unreadable, meaning you have to chamber them.
2. they are also instant, so you can use them to punish missed parries, stronger stab = stronger punish for missed parry
3. Stronger stabs also means that your morph feint is stronger, which is your main alternative to riposte war
4. Fast stabs = you can steal initiative

1. Can the weapon combo? Very important because you want to combo feint to parry
2. If it’s got a fast combo like war-axe, then comboing is actually viable as an attack option
3. Generally though, just if it can combo is the important part. Exe sword and maul cant, most others can

1. What’s the stam drain? is an important question, because a lot of high-level duels come down to stam
2. Parry drain negation

1. More length means its easier to drag
2. More length means you can play at range, and happy feet away from short weapons
3. More range in skirmish means you are threatening more people at once