What is Sex Discrimination ?

What is Sex Discrimination ?

Sex discrimination can be defined as a number of things and if you feel uncomfortable at work because of sexual harassment you might have a claim for sexual discrimination. In this video we explain exactly what sex discrimination is and how your employment rights might be breached.

Defining sex discrimination can be easy, it could be unwanted mental or physical attention in the workplace or openly displaying pornography to shock staff. However it can be subtle as passing women of childbearing age over for a promotion.

There are four different types of sex discrimination, direct discrimination, Harassment, Indirect discrimination and Victimization. These all come under the Equality act 2012 and men have just as much right as women to bring a claim to an employment tribunal.

Direct discrimination could include situations when someone is on the receiving end of unwanted sexual approaches or when a woman is turned down from a job even though she is qualified and the job goes to a man.

Harassment does not need a comparator and is someone is being harassed on the gourds of their sex either if its unwanted contact or attempts to over control female employees. It’s typically defined as violating a person’s dignity or creating a hostel or degrading environment. This is not exclusively what defines harassment.

Indirect discrimination is when everyone is treated the same and no one is treated differently but one person is at a disadvantage because of their sex. It’s a complicated area of the law and it would be worth consulting employment law specialist Your Employment matters for more details.

Finally there is victimisation. This is when you make a complaint that someone has discriminated against you and you’re then treated less favourably as a result.

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