Watch This Before Shaving Your Hand Calluses! | Callus Removal Tip!

Watch This Before Shaving Your Hand Calluses! | Callus Removal Tip!

Keep this in mind BEFORE you shave off your calluses!

Products I recommend

Gym essentials:
Back pack –
Lifting belt –
Knee sleeves (Sold individually) –
Wrist wraps –
Gymnastics Grips –
Jump rope –
Hip circle –

Other accessories I recommend:
Shoes –
Callus shaver –
Lifting straps –
Athletic tape –
Thumb protection –
Fat gripz –
Barbell clips –

Hand callus removal can be a tricky thing and can lead to even more discomfort and pain then the actual callus itself. Whether you get calluses from lifting, your a construction worker, or any other very hands on job, your body created them for a reason.

Our hands are soft, and soft things usually aren’t very durable. When we ask of our hands to do tough tasks, they build calluses in order to keep us from ripping our hands all the time. So callus removal will get rid of all that hard skin, and leave us with fresh skin that is much more likely to rip. In order to fix the problem of having hand calluses, We want to LIGHTLY take off the top layer, or file down our calluses in order to make them smoother, but still have something there to protect our hands. Hand callus removal is not a bad thing, and you should maintain how large they become in order to have smooth, and pain-free hands!

We have another video showing you how to get rid of calluses, and how to use a callus shaver right here!

If you have any questions or comments on how to get rid of hand callus, leave them down below! 🙂

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