Using A Sat-Nav Safely | Learn to drive: Car Knowledge

Using A Sat-Nav Safely  |  Learn to drive: Car Knowledge

A satellite navigation system can help you plan your route and drive to your destination easily. However, if used incorrectly the Sat-Nav could become a distraction and increase the risk of an accident. This video can help you enjoy the benefits of a sat-nav whilst staying safe.

This video includes:
• 0:10 Introduction
• 0:50 Setting up your Sat-Nav
• 1:42 Route planning options
• 2:08 Set the volume level
• 2:28 Planning your destination
• 3:06 Driving with a Sat-Nav
• 3:53 Additional lane guidance
• 3:28 Automatic re-routing
• 5:12 Stop before adjusting the sat-nav
• 5:59 Obey traffic regulations
• 6:40 Adjust the unit when driving at night
• 7:03 Extra tips
• 8:38 Summary

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