Turtle unboxing Baby Turtles Arrive Unboxing

Turtle unboxing Baby Turtles Arrive Unboxing

अनबॉक्सिंग कछुआ
This video about only unboxing turtles I don’t sell turtles or fish’s I only make videos for information purpos

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These things u must need to thrive turtles helathy
Heating lamp light @350₹

UVB light for 500₹

Basking area in 600₹

Special food for turtles @ 170₹ can last 2 months for 2 turtles

Some best selected items for your fish 100% best
Silicon sealent gum gun 220 Rs.

Silicon Dow Corning gum for Aquarium 160 Rs.

Sobo wp- 100m wave maker 450 Rs

Sobo wp- 300m wave maker

Sobo WP -800m wave maker

Battery operated air pump for 200

Aquarium heater from 1 to 1.5 feet tank

Aquarium heater for 1.5 to 2.5 feet thanks

Aquarium heater for 2.5 to 4 feet tank

Best air pump for Aquarium for 195

Best thermometer for any Aquarium for 190Rs

Cheapest thermometer at 130Rs for any Aquarium

Planted soil 3L for 675 Rs

Co2 100 tablets for 492 Rs

Live plants seeds for 140 Rs

Best food for Betta ,angel ,teras, danios & guppies

Best food for goldfish, koi ,sharks Molly’s & gouramis

Best food for cichlids Oscar ,parrot fish ,and all

Best food for flowerhorn

Best food for arowana

Best food for dark colour parrot , flowerhorn or any fish

Best holiday food for turtles and any fishes

Best food for turtles

Some important medicine for fish
Aquarium salt at 180Rs

3in1 medicine can cure all fish diseases

Bactonil liquid

Blue liquid

.types of Aquarium turtles.

Turtle stop eating How to get your turtle to eat. What to do if he refuses food

Turtles Eyes infection or eyes closed swallen eyes solution

Turtle and Tortoise Differences & facts

What to Feed your Turtle Turtle Feeding Tip Best Food For Aquarium Turtles

14 types of Turtles Turtoise Ban to keep as pet which Turtoise Turtles ban to sale or buy

How to tell the difference between male and female red-eared slider Turtle is Male or Female

Fish Eating Vegetables How to Feed your Fish Vegetables which veggies can feed to fish & turtle

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