The PXG Files, Episode One: Why are PXG Clubs Expensive?

The PXG Files, Episode One: Why are PXG Clubs Expensive?

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PXG founder Bob Parsons has teamed up with social media sensation and PXG ambassador Paige Spiranac for a video blog series covering all things PXG. They’ll be answering the many online questions and comments PXG receives about club technology, performance and price, along with some personal questions as well. Check out episode one – Why are PXG Clubs Expensive?

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“I’m Alright”
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Video Transcription:
Hi I’m Bob Parsons here with Paige Spiranac.

Welcome to our new video blog Paige and I get a lot of online questions about PXG and ourselves questions and comments lots and lots of social media comments.

I’ve seen some of those anyway, that’s why we’re doing this blog to answer the questions you have about PXG, Paige, me, the game of golf who knows what else let’s start with the most common question I get about PXG. Why are PXG clubs so expensive?

Well here are a few online posts I’ve seen about our prices: “I assume PXG stands for price extra gargantuan.”

Nice, another one: “The world thinnest face for the world’s fattest wallets.”
another one: “I’ve actually been thinking about selling my car to get a set and just taking the bus to the course.” It’s true prices aren’t for the faint of heart but after today’s video blog I think you’ll understand what our clients already know:
PXG clubs are worth every single penny

Here’s why:
Number one: it’s PXG’s approach

Unlike other golf companies we don’t put restrictions on research and development our engineers have an unlimited budget and take as much time as they need to find breakthroughs in club technology and our bar is incredibly high. If the club’s they develop aren’t significantly better than everything else we don’t release them.

Plus we don’t have set product release cycles when PXG launches a product we put every ounce of technology innovation and quality possible– into that new club we don’t hold anything back because we don’t have pressure to release a new club every 9 to 12 months.

Number 2: It’s what PXG’s are made of. PXG doesn’t cut corners from our premium alloys the TPE core technology, the tungsten weights, to invisible carbon-fiber crowns. Invisible? It means you can’t see them. Careful Bob or I’ll make you disappear.

PXG uses the absolute best material money could buy in order to deliver the best golf clubs money can buy. That quality is clearly evident in how the clubs look feel and perform.

Number Three: It’s how PXG’s are made our club manufacturing process is so sophisticated there’s only one factory in the world that has the technology to produce our golf equipment and to get it dialed in to meet our extremely tight quality control measures we had to help the factory upgrade their facilities.

Number Four: It’s how PXG clubs perform. The end
product is nothing short of the world’s finest golf equipment. I always tell people don’t swing PXG’s unless you’re ready to buy, because after one swing you’re gonna want ’em.

Next up Paige I found a social media comment that you might want to respond to. This is from an Instagram poster who shall remain nameless.

Wasn’t me, that’s for sure, okay:
“lol which we all know is laugh out loud

All that talent and this is what you become. Shame.” My response: I get to play golf for a living. Do you buddy?

Well there you have it pal. Eat your heart out buddy.

Well that’s a wrap for this episode.

I think a fitting end to our first video
blog is for us to show you Paiges first
commercial for PXG.

Enjoy and see you next time.

Hi, I’m Paige Spiranac. I wouldn’t dream
of buying a new outfit without having it perfectly fit. The perfect fit is even more important with golf clubs.

That’s why PXG clubs are always custom
fitted. Doesn’t make a difference?

Watch this:

I picked up 15 yards

Ka Boom Baby. PXG, nobody makes golf clubs the way we do. Period