The Orange Whip Putter Review | Golf Training Aid Reviews

The Orange Whip Putter Review | Golf Training Aid Reviews

Check out my review and rating of the Orange Whip Putter! If you are looking into improving your putting game with a good training putter, then the Orange Whip putter is worth checking out.

There are many training aids out there to help you improve your putting skills, but this one stands out to me for a few reasons. Not only is it well designed, with a good weighted putter head, flexible shaft, and challenging putter face, but it works for both left and right handed golfers. You can easily switch it from right handed to left handed by just removing two screws. You can also use both sides of the putter, as one side is very rounded, meant for hitting the center of the putter face every time.

One of my favorite things about this putter training aid, is that I can leave it at my office, and use it every day at work during my breaks. I can’t say that about many training aids, and that is a big plus for me.

I also cover in this video a test I did to actually give you numbers on how this training aid can improve distance control with your putts.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can see my review on the Orange Whip Trainer as well: It is definitely one of my favorite golf training aids.

I also mentioned in the video the my review of the PSP Golf The Little One training aid, which is meant to help you hit the sweet spot of an iron (similar to the Orange Whip Putter that is meant to help you hit the center of the club):