Testing Flightscope MEVO | Accuracy Test 50-125 yards

Testing Flightscope MEVO | Accuracy Test 50-125 yards

How accurate is Flightscope Mevo?

So I decided to see how accurate this radar really is at the driving range. This radar not only tells you how far you hit it, but it also shows how the height of all your shots.

I find this information very useful in a backyard setting using a golf net, where you have no idea where the ball is going.

My next purchase will be the Flightscope mevo plus (mevo +) which is around 2,000 dollars there is so much positive feedback on it.

My flightscope mevo ▶

Let me know what you think.

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My gear:
Flightscope mevo ▶
Video editing Macbook Air ▶
Videos recorded with Iphone XR ▶
GST – 5 GL swing radar ▶
Samsung Tablet used for mevo app ▶

My backyard setup:
Type of grass in my green ▶
Golf net ▶
Golf mat ▶
Wiffle balls ▶
Swinguide ▶
Dimpled foam balls ▶
Yellow foam balls ▶

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