Tesla Model 3 Review – Standard Range Plus Is it Good Enough? #tesla #model3 #teslamodel3

Tesla Model 3 Review – Standard Range Plus Is it Good Enough? #tesla #model3 #teslamodel3

Hey guys I’m K Teezy and this video focuses on giving you an Honest #Tesla Model 3 Review. mainly for the Standard Range Plus. Is it good enough? Is it right for you? lets find out together.
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From the sleek and sexy Exterior to the simple but stunning Minimalist design Interior. The Tesla #Model3 truly WOWs with its physical appeal.
In this review I go over everything from the exterior to the interior. storage space in the Trunk and Frunk. a quick demonstration of the AERO wheels to the main functions of the 15″ Touch Screen. the beautiful Beautiful Touch Screen.
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Leave a Comment and let me Know if the Standard Range Plus is right for you. or If you have any questions regarding the SR+ I’ll be more than happy to answer them.