Tenacious Tape – Repair Tape Demonstration

Tenacious Tape – Repair Tape Demonstration

KUIU Gear Shop curator Todd Harney demonstrates the many uses of Tenacious Tape, the newest addition to the Gear Shop. SHOP TENACIOUS TAPE:

Hey guys, Todd with KUIU here again. We just brought in Tenacious Tape, something we’ve been recommending through customer service through the warranty dept. It’s a really good all-around, high-quality, high strength repair tape. When we were at a outdoor retailer I saw their booth and here we are now, a dealer for them, instead of recommending through REI. We’re going to have it on the web site. It’s up right now, we just got it in this week.

This Tenacious Tape is 100% nylon, a really lightweight repair tape. It comes in these tubes, a full roll 3 inches by 20 inches weighs six tenths of an ounce. You can cut it in half and make it lighter. There’s no reason not to have this in your pack for emergencies. You can repair down, soft shells, dry bags, tents, and it’s waterproof, washable, the whole nine yards.

It’s $4.95 for a roll. It’s offered in clear, black, and sage green.

This dry bag here has a factory blemish, it has two flap holes. When you’re repairing something, always keep the edges of the tape rounded to keep the tape from peeling up. I’ll hold my hand behind the bag to highlight the hole. When you’re in the field, you have important stuff in your dry bag that you don’t wanna get wet and you have a tear in the dry bag. The Tenacious Tape cuts easily with a havalon knife but I’m just going to use scissors right now. You want one inch of overhang around the cut itself, round off the edges of the tape.

I’ve turned the dry bag inside out. A good tip is that if you’re working with single layer coated fabrics like a silnylon, do the work with the on the inside of the fabric, the coated side. You’ll feel when you take it off, ti’s a really abrasion-resistant, tough material, equivalent to a 20D nylon, no stretch to it which is okay, if you put it on stretch fabric, they’ll continues to stretch around it and the adhesive is strong enough to not slide. Set it down, get it as flat as possible, set it on the inside. Work our way out, try and limit the air bubbles. Just like putting a decal on the window of your truck, slide out any air bubbles. This was a dirtier piece of tape that’s been here at the office because we use this stuff in house. Just like that, about an inch all the way around, adds virtually no weight to it and this dry bag is 100% waterproof just with that repair right there. You can pull and do whatever and it stays on there.

It’s also great on rain gear. Here’s an hole in this Chugach Jacket that someone tore an L-shaped cut in the shoulder. Same thing, it’s usually best to apply to the inside of the fabric. The cleaner the surface, the better. We’ll assume the inside will be the cleanest. Make sure it’s dry. With the brown and the sage green tape you’ll notice the Tenacious Tape itself has more of a fabric feel than the clear, but the performance is the same.

We’ll lay it down, match it up, cut a slice, round off the edges. Just like the dry bag, when this is done this piece of rain gear here is going to be 100% waterproof once again before the accident happened. Try to get as little finger contact with the adhesive as possible. Go ahead and match it up as closely as possible. It’s best if you can find a flat surface. The better you can press it in, push to the outside, the better. For bigger incisions, Gear Aid recommends that you put a piece down like this and do a matching one on the outside. I think this cut is fine with just one piece. A lot of times these fabrics tear in an L-shape because of the orientation of the thread but if you can get that corner to match right up to the corner, this tape is strong enough to hold down all edges so they’re not lifting up and pulling away as you go through more brush.

It’s really great on super down, great on sleeping bags. If you puncture a hole in your sleeping Thermarest pad, it’s awesome for repairing that, it’s pretty much the same as what ThermaRest provides as their repair kit from the factory.

It’s good stuff, $4.95, half an ounce in your pack. There’s no reason not to have this stuff. It’s in the Gear Shop at