TaylorMade M5 vs M6 driver test – Which will suit your game?

TaylorMade M5 vs M6 driver test – Which will suit your game?

Our TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver test took place at the brand’s launch event in Carlsbad.

We followed that up with some testing at Moor Allerton’s fantastic indoor studio using a Flightscope launch monitor.

We also had our SkyTrak launch monitor set up to check the numbers were stacking up as that’s the unit we use for most of our testing.

The TaylorMade M5 and M6 drivers will replace the M3 and M4 drivers respectively.

It’s the same buying decision again this time around. If you want the super-adjustable product, it’s the M5. The simpler grip it and rip it model is the M6.

TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver – First impressions

We’ve also got a smaller Tour M5 head available and a draw-biassed D-Type M6 available.

They have all lost a bit of silver and have a stealthier matt finish on the crown.

In terms of visual technology I think TaylorMade have really ramped it up this year.

We can see there’s Twist Face there’s clearly a lot more carbon on the sole, a new weight track on the M5 and weight positioning on the M6.

Oh and we can see that there are screws in the face…

TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver – The technology

The screws in the face aim to give these drivers a larger sweetspot – more ball speed across a larger area.

There’s 20g of moveable weight in an inverted t-track on sole of the M5 whereas the carbon on the sole of the M6 has allowed more weight to be moved lower and deeper for added stability.

These drivers are actually made illegal then tuned back to a legal state…

We spoke to Brian Bazzell, VP of product creation, at the brand’s launch event to learn more.

Utilising a new manufacturing process, each head has been individually speed tested on multiple locations before being strategically injected with a tuning resin to achieve the tightest tolerance possible.

With the M5 driver this optimized face combined with a more efficient inverse t-track on the sole delivers a fast, forgiving personalised driver.

The M6 delivers a hot, yet accurate package. When you combine the speed injection technology, Twist Face and the added clubhead speed through through advanced aerodynamics, it’s a driver that delivers on all fronts.

TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver – The results

I was unable to do the hitting on this occasion as was recovering from an appendicectomy so drafted in my colleague Craig Middleton.

He plays off 12 and swings it a bit faster than me but can be quite inconsistent and strike it all over the face in the same way I can.

Both drivers look very similar in the address position but the M6 does have a noticeably deeper face which adds a bit of confidence.

TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver

There’s a fantastic sound and feel from both models leaving no question that these are highly premium products.

On the day we saw quite a remarkably better performance from the M5 with an increase in club speed, ball speed, carry distance to the M6.

TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver

The dispersion was much tighter too. We feel like this is was due to being able to dial in the M5 better and it suiting the eye a bit more at address.

TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver
TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver – NCG verdict

We feel like it’s getting increasingly difficult for brands to significantly improve on driver performance.

And it was always going to be tough for TaylorMade to make the M3 and M4 better. But they certainly weren’t going to shy away from the challenge.

There’s quite a lot of visible technology with these new models which helps with the story-telling and allows the consumer to see what has been done and why.

TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver

But performance is all that matters when asking golfers to part with £400+ for a new driver.

And these drivers certainly do perform – especially the M5 which we think will really take some beating in 2019.

TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver

We’d expect most of their top tour players to move into this model. It seems a bit like the M6 might appeal more to those after added forgiveness while the M5 is more of a complete package for the golfer looking to squeeze every bit of performance out of their golf swing.

The prices of these drivers are eye-watering but it’s not compulsory to buy them.

TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver

If you have an M3 or M4 there’s no need to rush out for an upgrade but if your driver is three or four years old we think you’ll really appreciate the advancements. Where will they go after M5 and M6? They’ll think of something.
TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver – The details

SRP: £499/£469

Lofts: 9˚, 10.5˚, 12˚

Stock shafts: Atmos Orange 5, Atmos Black 6 (M6)

Project X EvenFlow Max Carry 45 (M6 D-type)

Mitsubishi CK Tensei Orange 60, Project X HZRDUS Smoke 70 (M5, M5 Tour)

On sale: February 15

More information can be found on the TaylorMade website.