Swing Caddie 2 Review

Swing Caddie 2 Review

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PGA Professional Todd Kolb takes a look at the Swing Caddie 2, testing it against his high end, industry leading launch monitor to see how close the numbers compare. With stats such as distance, ball speed, smash factor and swing speed, does the Swing Caddie 2–retailing for a few hundred dollars–have what it takes to stack up and compete with units that can cost upwards of $20,000?

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We all know the importance of having a caddy with you during a round. Not only do they carry your bag for several hours on a steamy, summer day but they also provide (hopefully) proper advice on club selection, reading greens, strategy on how to play a hole and just offer a friendly companion during your round.

Is there any doubt the importance Steve Williams played in helping Tiger win all those majors (and Adam Scott too for that matter)? Or Bones Mackay being on the bag for Phil Mickelson? A good caddy can save you several strokes a round without a doubt.

But caddies are human which means they make mistakes. More importantly, they don’t know you and your swing so they can’t provide you with valuable and useful feedback about why you’re suddenly spraying the ball all over the course. The Swing Caddie 2 from Voice Caddie can.

What is the Swing Caddie 2 you ask?

It’s a portable launch monitor, about the size of your smart phone, you can easily carry in your bag and set up behind you on the range or the course. It’s going to provide you with instant statistical analysis of your swing to make you a better player.

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