Strike 100% Pure Iron Shots Consistently

Strike 100% Pure Iron Shots Consistently


Regardless of skill set, every player can train themselves to strike 100% pure irons solidly on command, simply by rethinking how they’re swinging the golf club.

George Gankas golf strategies have taken the internet and YouTube by storm, fueling a whole generation of golfers behind the GG Swing Method.

The GG Swing Method, a series of several instructional programs based on George Gankas golf techniques continues to blow the minds of players from around the world that are interested in taking their golfing to the next level and beyond.

Gankas has strong recommendations for iron shots, detailed at length in this video and others found in his series on striking iron clubs pure.

While nearly all golfers struggle at some point with striking pure irons at will, very few have stopped to think about the mechanics behind why the results they seek have evaded them for so long.

While 100% of golfers put their best foot forward when striking their irons, most players will agree that their shots usually either thin out or go fat, leading to diminished distance and overall accuracy on the shot.

Nearly all golfers suffering these results in their iron shots can attribute their shortcomings to flawed right hand movement during their downswing, which rapidly goes below their left hand, which causes a scooping motion in their shot.

This scooping motion in most cases causes the ball to end up way short of the green or sometimes even lands over the green, leading the golfer to then play from rough, often trouble areas on the course, including the dreaded sand trap.

Either condition would be a headache for any golfer, so we must begin to learn the correct way to strike irons pure with consistency in order to avoid these situations on the golf course.

Despite being among the most used clubs in any player’s bag, many golfers fail to use their iron clubs to the full potential of the equipment.

Irons are meant to be hit on a descending swing path that harnesses the complete optimum force and trajectory found in the club.

Striking the turf before connecting with the golf ball, a flaw that haunts many golfers, will result in an uneven, inconsistent impact with the golf ball, which causes nearly all of the missed shots taken with iron clubs.

Players must strike the ball first and ground second, producing tour caliber golf shots that will make anyone’s head turn on the course.

We must avoid scooping the ball at all costs when striking our iron shots, instead favoring a descended swing path that connects with the ball first and ground second.

There are distinct motions and bodily adjustments golfers must use in order to ensure that their irons are struck purely, which leads to a learned consistency in their golf swing.

First, we must ensure that our body weight has been moved onto our lead leg during the downswing, with our shoulder and leg parallel simultaneously.

Many golfers benefit from taking a few practice half swings, in the interest of positioning their left hand in a way that faces the desired target as their clubhead connects with the ball.

Our right hand should make only light contact with the golf club, with the lower three fingers on our left hand providing much of the golf club’s stability.

We hold our irons this way to ensure that our right hand does not work against the left, causing the club to scoop upwards and ultimately ruin our iron shot.

After connecting with the golf ball, our left hand must roll closed automatically, with the top secured by our right hand.

Practicing this motion several times will ingrain the movements into our body’s muscle memory and allow easy replication with consistency in future rounds of golf.


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