Stop That Pitch Shot Close – Nancy Quarcelino

Stop That Pitch Shot Close – Nancy Quarcelino

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How to Play the Pitch Shot that Stops Close to the Hole
The first step is to open up your clubface just a little bit. I’ve got my 58-degree lofted wedge and I’m going to open it up because I want some major spin with this short pitch shot.

Then I’m going to put more weight on my front foot toward the target. I like 60% of my weight toward the front.

When I bring this club back, you’re going to notice that I’m going to have it open with a little bit of forward hand press. Then I’m going to bring the club back with some hinge in my wrists. Then I’m going to hold this same angle as I hit the shot. That’s going to produce the spin to stop this ball on the green.

So to summarize I take a practice swing, then I clean the grass off the grooves, then I open up the clubface just a little bit. I put my hands a little bit forward of the ball and also shift my weight a little bit forward, and I swing back with have a little hinge and hold. As you can see in the video, the ball stops really, really close to the hole because of the major spin on that little chip pitch shot and now you are set up to make that putt or maybe even chip it in.

I hope this pitch shot lesson really helps your game. Here are my other lessons on and I also contributed to the Expert Guide to the Short Game.