Stop Sky Balling The Driver and Increase Distance | How To Stop Hitting The Sky Ball

Stop Sky Balling The Driver and Increase Distance | How To Stop Hitting The Sky Ball

Simple golf swing tips stop skying the driver and increase distance. Let’s learn from Alistair Davies how to stop hitting the sky ball and hit it further. Fix Your Golf Slice –
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In this lesson, we have Golf monthly top 25 coaches and contributor to The Art of Simple Golf, Alistair Davies, PGA pro and coach to tour players, elite amateurs and weekend warriors alike.

A problem for many golfers is hitting the sky ball and skying the driver or at the very least striking the driver near the top of the club causing lack of distance and poor consistency.
So here are some really simple golf tips and practice drills to improve your angle of attack so you can stop hitting the sky ball and improve your driver distance.

If you are saying the driver hitting lots of sky balls, you are too steep with your driver swing.

You don’t want your swing to feel up-and-down with the driver, but around. Always feeling you are sweeping and striking up a nice smooth and wider, fuller arc. Skyballs can happen when your swing is too much down.

On the downswing, Gunn wrote, “It should feel like the clubhead is swinging more level to the ground and not so much up and down.”

Sweep into impact with the driver; don’t drop the driver head down steeply into impact.

This simple swing golf tip from The Art of Simple Golf can help you have a better golf swing that is easier on the body and more natural.

That’s a very Simple golf lesson have a more natural golf swing that is consistent and helps prevent strains and even injury by allowing the body to move with more freedom.

We have the golf swing and your total game boiled down to the most simple golf swing tips If you’re looking to get more power and consistency while improving key fundamentals!

Golf swing tips
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It’s actually quite amazing how good it is at instantly improving your golf swing

Hitting the golf driver with a shallow angle of attack. Striking the golf ball with an inside to out swing path. And hitting the driver on an upswing.

These can all be accomplished by adjusting your set up to all for this movement. It may feel strange at first as we exaggerate it


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