Stop Losing Tush Line & Eliminate Early Extension

Stop Losing Tush Line & Eliminate Early Extension

Did you know that there is ONLY ONE way that you can lose your tush line in the golf swing? What’s so amazing is just how easy it is to fix early extension and to stop standing up out of your posture and eliminate early extension.

Watch my bonus video that will teach you how to sequence the golf swing properly:

Early extension in the golf swing causes your swing path to be too far from the inside in better players who push too hard off the trailing leg. For higher handicap golfers who push too hard with the right side of the upper body tend to come over the top and hit a pull slice.

Both of these bad golf shots can be prevented by learning how to sit into the left side and move from the lead side of the body. In this way you learn how to build a proper golf swing transition that creates more lag with no effort. —
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