Square Strike Wedge: One Trick Wedge or Worthwhile Purchase?

Square Strike Wedge: One Trick Wedge or Worthwhile Purchase?

Square Strike Wedge Review

A lot of golfers dread those greenside shots. They see improvement in their putting. They may be driving the ball better all the time. But when it comes to chipping, many golfers just don’t know if they can trust their own swing.If this describes you, you may have already heard of the Square Strike Wedge. This wedge is designed to help golfers chip better and with greater consistency. The club has been modeled more closely to the design of a putter, rather than a wedge. This approach is intended to result in a tighter shot pattern and better shots. In fact, Square Strike Wedge spokesman (and two-time U.S. Open Champion) Andy North says golfers who use the Square Strike Wedge start trying to hole chip shots soon after they first pick up the club. This is an appealing thought for golfers who are just praying they don’t chunk the ball again.The question, of course, is why would a more putter-like design improve your chipping? Let’s take a look at exactly what the Square Strike Wedge is and how it’s designed so you can consider whether it might be worth a try.

The Square Strike Wedge design team approached this project with putting in mind for one major reason:Putting is about using larger muscles that are easier to control.

If you’ve been trying to improve your chip shots, you’ve probably collected a lot of advice, like “hinge and hold.” The form for chipping often requires exact motions and perfect timing in small muscles like the wrists. Those muscles are more difficult to control with precision. They can be twitchy, and the smallest false move can throw off the whole swing.

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