SNAP CAP Coloured Golf Club Ferrules To Pimp Up Your Clubs

SNAP CAP Coloured Golf Club Ferrules To Pimp Up Your Clubs

SNAP CAP™ Coloured Golf Club Ferrules To Pimp Up Your Clubs
8 per pack

Old boring ferrules have been black for 100 years, why? Who knows, but now that’s all changed with SNAP CAP™

SNAP CAP™ is the easiest way ever to customise your clubs, simply cut off your old boring black ferrules, clean and glue new brightly coloured or chrome SNAP CAP™ on. Now you can match your grips, contrast your grips, or even have a two tone colour way – the options are endless with SNAP CAP™.

No More Removing club heads from shafts to change out ferrules. The SNAP CAP ™ Split Ferrule system easily snaps together to replace the Standard Boring Black Ferrule.

Before SNAP CAP™, if you wanted to change out your ferrules (cap cover on end of iron shaft) you had to remove the club head off the shaft and put on a new rounded ferrule and then re-glue the Clubhead back on the Shaft – not now!

Pimping up your clubs is now really easy thanks to SNAPCAP™ innovative invention. It’s a quick and easy process that doesn’t take too long and can be done at home.

Remove standard black ferrule with a “razor hook blade” fits on any standard utiltiy knife.
Snap on the 2-PC SNAP CAP™ Split Ferrule and apply glue.
Allow to dry and your all Done and Ready to Play.

8-Pack will replace (3-PW)
Patent Pending Split Ferrule System
Get another SNAP CAP™ Pack to replace your wedges and hybrids.
Remove old ferrule, then easily Glue and Snap your new SNAP CAP™ Custom Coloured Ferrule.
Fits .355 & .370 (parallel and taper tips)
All SNAP CAP™ colours are safe to turn/buff except metallic finishes

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