Smartpond’s How to Build a Pond or Water Feature

Smartpond’s How to Build a Pond or Water Feature

Smartpond demonstrates how to build a pond or water feature in your home garden. Learn how to add pond liner, lighting, and pond pumps to make a healthy and beautiful water feature.

Thinking about building a pond? Do you have a space that needs some attention? Or do you just want a calm and peaceful setting? A pond can do all of that. Choosing a pond is also crucial. For smaller areas a flexible liner or a small potted water feature would be ideal, however if you have a lot of space to work with, building and designing a pond with a water feature could also be beneficial. When choosing a pond, also make sure to choose the right landscaping and plants to set around it.

As you begin installation, be sure to map out the area you want your pond to be in. For colder climates be sure to dig at least 2-2.5 feet deep to prevent the fish from freezing. Dig out different level tiers for added rocks and design. Line the hole with under-layment before installing the liner to prevent any damage to the liner. Install the liner and lay down with stone or rock. Incorporate a filter and a pump for healthy pond life.

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