Simplify Your Golf Swing With The Flag Pole Thought To Stay Centered and Swing Great!

Simplify Your Golf Swing With The Flag Pole Thought  To Stay Centered and Swing Great!

Simplify your golf swing with this golf lesson . And get for 5 best golf lessons

A simple golf lesson from Alex Fortey on how to simplify the golf swing by staying centered. This will improve consistency and improve ball-striking.

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Don’t over complicate the golf swing.. this tip can really make the difference on the golf course for you.

All you need to do is imaging a lamp post or a flog pole going through your head. This will keep you moving your golf swing in a rotational golf swing that you can rely on.

Just turn around the central pole and you will see the results. This worked for me on tour, it still does and it’s helped hundreds of golfers I have prescribed this too.

So try this very simple golf swing tip and see how when you allow momentum to start your golf swing you will be hitting the golf ball longer and straighter more often.

Plus as a benefit, it will really help those moments when you are tense.

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too many golfers are frustrated about their golf improvement or lack thereof. But it should not be so hard. The golf swing is complicated but it can be made more simple if you know how.

The golf game can have gradual improvement if you follow simple golf principles and enjoy the journey. Natural golf swing.

Focus on your target and enjoy that perfection is unattainable in golf.

If you’re looking to improve your golf swing drills and improve your ball striking drills to enhance your golf game so this online golf lesson really improves your golf game.

Simply golf swings with the flagpole and great your every golf shot from our free simple golf swing tips. This free golf lesson course helps you to improve your body turn and improve your golf swing basics.

In this video, I’m sharing with you a very effective way to improve and simplify your golf swing. I was playing competitively and it’s really helped so many others golfers ever since then.

It’s so simple it should eradicate tons of other swing thoughts, especially when you’re on the golf course and all talking about is turning around a central point. It gives you more consistency and more power but it will also simplify your golf swing drills. So you can actually go out and play and execute the shots at you’re picturing with more confidence and consistency.

So we’re talking about is staying centered on the golf swing, talking about keeping feet and knees together and turning around that point that can dial in your golf swing quicker.

This is also talking about full swing where I used to imagine.
Imagine that flagpole is all the way through me not like dead straight because we want to dynamic address position. the flagpole going to through the neck, through the spine, through the tailbone out the bottom.

When I’m on the golf course, it’s one of my best thoughts to use even under pressure.
When I’m playing amateurs out on the golf course just for a very simple golf swing tip so I want to you to give it a try next time when you’re on the range or the golf course.

Not to force the golf shot, not trying to do anything complicated just beautifully simple to imagine around that flagpole we’re turning and turning. So let’s try once again.

You’re swinging through very simple, very effective and it will simplify your golf swing and hopefully your golf game.


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