Score Saving Short Game Drills | Golf Swing Tips

Score Saving Short Game Drills | Golf Swing Tips


Unless you’re ripping tour caliber drives on a consistent basis, your short game technique has the greatest influence on your overall performance regarding your score.

As can be imagined, golfers who excel in their short game performance have lower handicaps than players that struggle in this vital area of the sport.

Many novice golfers solely focus their training and practice on driving the ball and are often known to neglect developing their short game strategy, which usually shows clearly in their performance during regular play on the golf course.

Despite having a reputation as a high power golf swing coach, George Gankas golf lessons focus on all areas of the game, teaching an overall strategy to players through the GG Swing Method system.

Looking to enhance already existing talents in the player while working to reform any shortcomings, George Gankas golf lessons have gained a global following, with players from around the world crediting Gankas for improvements in their golfing experience.

Most players new to the sport have little knowledge of the resources available during short game play, regarding using the course conditions to the advantage of the golfer.

Gankas covers several of these proven methods that will not only improve the overall ability of a player but also will serve as utility techniques that can be used to consistently avoid or work out of trouble areas on the course with minimal damage to the golfer’s overall score.

Learning, training and mastering short game golfing techniques will increase the versatility of a player while providing a more enjoyable experience on the golf course.

As new players become more active on the golf course, they will undoubtedly encounter real life, trouble areas in play.

Unless training for such conditions prior to participating in an actual round of golf, most players will be clueless to the best way to combat such situations in their short game.

One tip many novices overlook involves rotating their body forward through their swing during chip shots.

Such movement will promote a clean impact on their chips, allowing their lead side to rotate forward through their golf swing, providing a much more effective chip shot.

Many players neglect to tap into the energy that exists in their trail arm during short game play.

Allowing our trail arm to initiate our backswing with a bit of wrist hinge also adds power and depth to our chip shots, though many players fail to realize the potential in this easy, minor swing adjustment.

Many golfers find success chipping their shots with an extended shaft on their golf club.

Chipping the ball with a club that has an extended shaft will give a clear indication as to whether the club has been touching the player while chipping.

If the club comes into contact with the golfer, it can be confirmed that rather than properly chipping the ball, the player most likely has been scooping it up.

Lightening up on our grip during chip shots often will release an excessive tension otherwise found in our arms and upper body through the swing.

Once these adjustments have been made to our golf swing, fundamental chipping techniques will become more fluid and lead to a much stronger short game golfing ability in the player.

Frequently, players are ignorant to how effective adding bounce to their pitch shots can be in respect to their overall short game strategy.

As pitch shots are known to produce a moderate level of bounce in the golf ball, utilizing such a feature to our advantage will greatly improve our score over time.

This technique works best in situations that suffer from tall grass or thick greens.

Bouncing our pitch shot will allow the ball to sail over such problem conditions on the course and line up easily for a simple putt to end the hole.


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