Scapula Stability in Golf Swing

Scapula Stability in Golf Swing

SCAPULA & SHOULDER STABILITY -PGA Professional Robin Symes demonstrates a simple drill to help you feel scapular stability, and what your shoulders should feel like in a golf swing. Great drill for anyone who gets disconnected.

Hi. Robin here. I’ve got a drill which I won’t take credit for. Actually one of my good, old friends Robbie Cannon, who runs the Robbie Cannon Performance regarding golf fitness in Ireland. One of the top guys in the world I think regarding the body for golf. I saw him…actually saw him just put together a drill on this driller recently. It’s very closely related to some of my preferences in the golf swing and even some of the exercises I’ve talked about in the past. So I’d like to show you this and hopefully just passing it on. It can help some people, yeah, improve their goal. That’s what we’re all afterward.

What you’ll need is you’ll need something elastic. When Robbie dis the drill, he used one of those Thera-Bands that go around your knees. That would be great, ideal, even just a piece of Thera-Band tubing you can make it into hoop. Actually, what I’, using here, I’m just using a piece of elastic string we are using for putting practice, for putting alignment practice. Just something with a little elastic, because what I want you to do is I want you to take your normal address, say a 5-iron address. You’re gonna turn your arms outwards so the inner part of your arm is pointing out, the palms are facing out. And you’re gonna stretch whatever you are holding. Now in doing that, you’ll feel your shoulder muscles engage, you’ll feel your scapula engage and that’s the whole point behind this drill. You’re trying to feel how your shoulder muscles should feel, how your scapula should feel during the golf swing. So you are engaging them, you’re keeping them switched on in the backswing through the impact and into the follow-through. And just repeating this drill can give you a great sense as I say of what your shoulder muscles are doing, what your scapula is doing during the swing.

I’ve had quite a lot success with this since I saw Robbie do the drill. Anybody who’s getting overactive with their arms, they are maybe a little rounded in the setup, arms are rotating too much, maybe they’re lifting a little too much, just generally getting disconnected. And doing this drill, they became aware of what their shoulder muscles are doing, what their scapula is doing, and then simply apply that to their swing. And I saw…I’ve seen quite a lot of improvement in short time. So hopefully there’s a few people right there can benefit from this. Thanks to Robbie Cannon. As always, thanks for watching, and if you’ve got any comments, please feel free to comment and ask some questions. I’ll always try to get back to you.


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