Rory Mcilroy Swing Speed and Brooks Koepka – Releasing For Speed

Rory Mcilroy Swing Speed and Brooks Koepka – Releasing For Speed

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Congrats to the world #1 player Rory Mcilroy for his win at the Dubai Desert Classic and Brooks Koepka on his first official PGA Tour win at the Waste Management Open.

Both of these young guns rip the ball off the tee. In this new video, I’ll show you how they preserve lag in the downswing. I’ll also show you where they start to release the club for maximum speed at impact.

Amateur golfers tend to work way too hard in the golf swing and lose speed before impact. This video will show you how to put the effortless power and speed back into your game.

It’s time to prioritize your downswing, preserve lag and release the club when it matters most! —
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