REVIEW of the GARMIN APPROACH G80 | Will it improve MY Golf Game?

REVIEW of the GARMIN APPROACH G80 | Will it improve MY Golf Game?

In this video I will share my review of the Garmin Approach G80 with you. I talk about it’s functions, try to show how it works and explain how the G80 will make my golf game better and stronger. In short, I would definitely recommend to G80 to any golfer due to it’s variety of functions.

My golf addiction started early in 2018 after a somewhat random intro to the game with some friends on a sunny sunday afternoon (sound rather cliché doesn’t it). Anyway, I got hooked and got my Golf Ability License (GVB in Belgium) and thus my 36 Hcp. in March 2018.

After my first summer season I got my handicap down to 16.7 and was quite some experiences richer and determined that I absolutely love golf and want to get as far in this game as I possibly can.

Last summer (2019) I got my handicap down to 7.4 (which I currently still am and will be for a while due to winter season).

This winter I will be practicing and grinding to get more consistent and hopefully this will lead to a handicap of 4 or lower during the 2020 season.

While trying to achieve this feat, I will share my new experiences with you guys, as well as the tips and tricks I learn along the way. Overal I hope to inspire and share my love for the game.

Any comments, tips, tricks or ideas for the channel will always be greatly appreciated.

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