Resources for complaining kids, a homeschool sale, and more!

Resources for complaining kids, a homeschool sale, and more!

This week, I’m sharing
1) Help for complaining kids
2) A sports resource you may not have heard of
and more!

Show Notes:
White chocolate powder from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is fantastic in coffee (I use about half of the label directions) or in hot chocolate. It’s really good in a homemade frappe, too!

1) “Your Kids Will Complain about Homeschooling” from Lextin Eclectic

My video:

2) Well-Trained Mind store is running a sale on items related to black history month, Valentine’s Day & President’s Day. Check the link for titles, prices, and dates.

3) The First Tee program is a fantastic program that teaches the game of golf while “reinforcing values like integrity, respect, and perseverance through the game of golf.”

You don’t have to have your own clubs. It’s super-affordable & scholarships are available. As for clothes, our program has no sort of dress code. My son wore “nice” atheletic shorts and a top usually. Some areas even have weekday programs for homeschool families.

4) Spy School series — Middle-schooler Ben has a dream to be a CIA agent when he grows up. Does he have the right stuff?

5) Antarctica: Adventure of a Different Kind is an absolutely beautiful view of Antarctica. It talks a lot about wildlife but also goes into some of the scientific studying the teams do.


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