PUTTER ACCELERATION – PGA Professional Robin Symes talks about acceleration, and if acceleration is good or not, and how it affects distance control.

Robin: Hi, Robin here. This is about putting concept, and trying to clear up one of the biggest putting myths. Many players believe to putt well, you need to be accelerating through the ball. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the putting green or at the golf course somebody’s missed a short putt, or having a bad putting day. And their playing partner tells them, you’re decelerating. Well I think there’s another reason you missed the putt.

Good putters have very little acceleration of the putter head at impact. In fact, as many good putters would slightly decelerate as accelerate. Jordan Spieth is a great example of this. Okay he’s got his left hand low, shaft forward. But he looks like he’s got quite a fast backswing. If anything, he looks like he’s slowing down into the ball.

Now I haven’t seen the data but I guess his putter head has very little, almost close to zero acceleration at impact. This really helps him control his speed. Of to the right speed helps the ball drop in the hole. The right speed helps you read the green correctly. Speed control, it’s probably about 40% of the importance of making a putt.

If you’re accelerating, the putter head’s always travelling at a different speed. Your distance control is simply not going to be good, making those middle putts and even short putts more difficult.

But maybe in the future I’ll put together a few videos about tips on how to improve your tempo. How to improve keeping that putter head traveling with as little acceleration as possible at impact. But to start with, just make sure you’ve got the right concept. Make sure you’re not out there in the putting green practicing the short backswing and accelerating into the ball like I see so many players.

Practice trying to make your stroke feel fairly even. Feeling the putter head with as little acceleration as possible through the impact zone. Traveling at the same speed. Your distance control will improve. You’ll make more putts.

So as always thanks for watching. Have you any comments, questions, suggestions, please leave them below. I always try to get back to you soon as possible.

And until next time, good luck with your practice.
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