Play Better Golf – Jim Venetos Golf Academy Training Week 5 – Golf Test Dummy

Play Better Golf – Jim Venetos Golf Academy Training Week 5 – Golf Test Dummy

Play Better Golf – Jim Venetos Golf Academy Training Week 5 – Golf Test Dummy

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If I am going to improve my golf game beyond the 9.5 handicap that carry now, something has to change. In looking at the stats I track, a glaring weakness stands out; I don’t hit many fairways and greens in my rounds despite taking a conservative approach to do just that.

Strategy is so crucial to playing great golf. Not just in how you play each hole, but in your club selection, shot selection, and your commitment to each shot. I have improved in some of those areas greatly over the last year, but what good is a sound strategy if you can’t EXECUTE?

Commitment to each shot is vital. Commitment can be directly tied to confidence. Confidence comes from predictability. If I’m not producing the same basic shot shape and fairly tight grouping, then I really can’t predict whats going to happen with a tee shot or an approach. How can I possibly commit to a particular shot if I have no idea if it’s going to fly left or right? Hook or stay straight? Be solid or a a bit light?

Enter Jim Venetos. I recently stumbled across his videos and what he teaches lines up with what I need to get over this hump. His approach to the swing removes arbitrary movements like weight shift and rotation to give you the best possible chance at returning the club right back to the same spot from where it started. This lends itself to solid, consistent contact, with an almost automatic swing path, virtually guaranteeing predictable ball flight and tighter grouping.

This is week 5 of my 3 month commitment to work with Jim through this system. Each week, I will vlog and share my progress with you, so that you can see an honest review and decide if this may be of help. It’s worth noting that Jim makes himself very available to you and works hand in hand with your development through video analysis, site interaction, and email. He will even talk with you on the phone if needed.

Last week, I worked on full swings and the Downswing Drill. This week I am still working on the drill, and I am pushing harder to reach a skilled level with all of my irons. My one swing thought as always is STILLNESS. This week has been tough in particular because I am moving my family over 2 hours away. Selling, buying, packing, and unpacking. It has been tricky to find time to practice.

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