Ping G410 Driver vs Ping G400 Max Driver

Ping G410 Driver vs Ping G400 Max Driver

Our Ping G410 driver vs. G400 Max took place at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

We hit both drivers on the course and using the Flightscope launch monitor in their indoor studio.

I decided to put the G410 driver up against the G400 Max as that is the model I used out on the course in 2018.

It’s a driver I love and know works well for me – in my opinion it’s the best driver Ping have made to date.
Ping G410 driver vs. G400 Max – First impressions

Ping G410 driver

What a tough act to follow the G400 range is going to be.

It has been winning driver counts on tours all over the world and has found it’s way into the hands of dozens of free agents.

Patrick Reed was not contracted to use the G400 LST which he won the Masters with. There has also been recent success for Eddie Pepperell and Russell Knox.

Contracted players such as Bubba Watson, Tony Finau, Cameron Champ, Louis Oosthuizen, Tyrrell Hatton and Lee Westwood have all won with the G400.

Eddie Pepperell WITB

So what can we expect from the G410 models?

We now have a G410 plus and a draw-biased G410 SFT. There is no Ping G410 LST model but we suspect their will be at a later date.

Ping G410 driver

Same goes for the G410 Max. We have to remember that the G400 Max was released after the original G400 models so has not been on the shelves for two years yet.

So the G410 plus is effectively a replacement for the regular G400.

One thing to notice is that the size of the G410 plus is 455cc so it’s a bit bigger than the 445cc G400 but slightly smaller than the 460cc G400 Max.

But the biggest talking point is the fact Ping have added adjustability at the rear of the G410 plus driver.

Ping G410 driver

They told me this has been added as they felt for the first time it could be included without sacrificing on MOI, forgiveness or ball speed.

Ping G410 driver vs. G400 Max – The results

Let’s start with the on-course testing.

Now you might think this is bonkers but the G400 Max still fills me with more confidence.

Ping G410 driver

I’m sure sure you can really tell the difference between a 455cc and a 460cc head but the G400 Max to me, seems to look like it’s going to be harder to miss with.

But I do think the G410 actually frames the ball better.

When I first hit the G410, I thought it sounded very similar to the G400 Max.

But after hitting both together the G410 is clearly a little bit higher pitched and sweeter. The G410 is a more pleasing driver to hit for this reason.

In terms of the performance, I’d be hard pushed to say the G410 was going any further or flying stronger through the air.

And after gathering some launch monitor numbers it’s quite hard to split the two.

Ping G410

So it’s hard for me to say that the G410 is offering me better results.

But I would say that the G410 is a significant improvement on the G400 Max for numerous reasons.

Find out why our man thinks the G410 is a triumph of engineering on the next page.

Ping G410 driver vs. G400 Max – NCG verdict

So despite offering very similar numbers and on-course performance why is the G410 better?

Well, because it has improved on the previous product in every way that Ping said it was going to.

Ping G410 driver

It sounds and feels better – something which is really important as distance gains really start to tighten up.

It looks better by the way it frames the ball and sits in between the G400 and G400 Max models.

Any players who found the G400 too small or the G400 Max too big will have no issues with the G410.

The biggest achievement though is the fact Ping have been able to add adjustability without sacrificing anything.

I left the G410 in the neutral position and found the performance to be just as good at the G400 Max.

Ping G410 driver

But for many players, the ability to put weight in the heel or toe is only going to strengthen the performance of the G410.

It will allow golfers to go through an even more rigorous fitting process to get properly dialled in.

So I’m saying to Ping that they have done a fantastic job of improving a product which was already fantastic.

I’m not saying that anyone who owns a G400 Max needs to go and replace it – you can see from the results that the performance is pretty much neck and neck.

But if you’re in a three or four year old product and are ready for an upgrade then the G410 simply has to be on your list.

Ping G410 driver details (Plus and SFT)

SRP: £450

Lofts: 9˚, 10.5˚ 12˚

Stock shaft: Alta CB Red (No upcharge for Ping Tour 65/75 shafts)

After market: Tensei CK Orange 60/70, Even Flow Black 75 (No upcharge but custom-fitted only)

On sale: March 2019

More information can be found on the Ping website.

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