Perfecting Posture at Address | Golf Swing Tips

Perfecting Posture at Address | Golf Swing Tips


Having the right posture during address can make or break a golf swing, even at the highest levels in the sport.

In fact, many amateur players have found imitating the posture that pros exhibit during their address to be one of the few techniques that they can actually reproduce without much difficulty.

Setting up your body correctly at the beginning of your golf swing provides the support needed to replicate your motion time and time again.

But, in the same sense players must be sure that they’re establishing the right kind of posture and positioning during their address or they will be repeating flawed motion at most risking serious industry, at least risking a frustrating round of golf.

Known to be a polarizing figure in the world of instructors, George Gankas golf lessons seek to assist players in developing a swing style that fits naturally into their specific form.

Golfers from around the globe have begun catching on to the GG Swing Method, a program comprised solely of George Gankas golf lessons and strategies, which have begun capturing the attention of the entire sport.

Gankas understands the crucial importance of starting your golf swing on the foundation of proper posture and positioning at address.

Much of what George teaches his students focuses on the strengths found in proper hip tilt and rotation, something that has a huge impact on developing perfect posture at address.

Many in the sport believe that correct posture boils down to choosing one of two possible actions – bending at your waist or tilting from your hips.

One exercise that has been known to assist players with developing ideal swing posture involves standing in front of a full length mirror and doing a few exercises with your joints.

First, the player standing upright in front of the mirror places the tips of their fingers upon the joints found in the front of their hips and begins to bend their body toward the mirror, while extending their glutes and hips to their rear.

The idea during such an exercise requires that the player maintains balanced positioning in their shoulder blades during this motion, while tightening their knees slightly.

Such positioning should provide the player with a feeling of strength, though still a degree of flexibility typical of a more relaxed stance.

When a player can consistently replicate such positioning immediately before swing their golf club, they’ll have created the ideal foundation for building a golf swing second only to the tour pros they watch each weekend.

One of the most vital skills a player can develop in relation to their posture at address focuses on the positioning of their lower back just prior to their swing.

Doing so also requires that they maintain a level of circularity in their upper back while straightening out the lower.

Straightening out your entire back will lead to unnatural rotation and possibly pose an injury to the player that adopts such a posture.

Once players have established proper flexion in their knees, mastered the aforementioned hip bend drills, straightening out the lower back becomes the sole focus of creating perfect posture at address.

Most novice golfers suffer from overextended necks while addressing the ball, often because they can help but bend their heads and look directly at the ball before winding up their swings.

Despite appearing to be a minor issues for our swing, over extension of the neck leads to a host of issues in the shoulders, which will eventually cause the entire golf swing to breakdown as a result.


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