One Long Continuous Beep Code Finally Solved – PC Computer Troubleshoot

One Long Continuous Beep Code Finally Solved – PC Computer Troubleshoot

One Long Continuous Beep Code Finally Solved – PC Computer Troubleshoot

So while ago I did a video called “ONE CONTINUOUS LONG BEEP BUT COMPUTER STILL POSTS AND BOOTS UP”, link in description below and card above.


In that video we saw that despite one long continuous beep the computer still turned on, and not only that, it even functioned properly. I have not had much chance revisit it, although one particular viewer took a keen interest into the problem and offered quite a few diagnostic help, thank you “brianpc pc” Unfortunately none of the troubleshooting worked.
I left it aside pressing on to other matters, knowing I would have to investigate later. Chance will have it that yesterday I was working on this older Intel dual Core with LGA 775 socket which was left by a client, for free, and after inserting the speaker cable, I had the exact same long beep code.

Aha…this time, you mother father…I’m gonna deal with you…so I rolled up my sleeve…and googled like crazy…turns out….no one really knows…apart from a few hints…

So I started thinking logically, if the computer is turning on and functioning normally, theoretically this beep code must not be a very important, or even fatal one.

I first did all the usual troubleshoot that one does when facing beep codes. You know, checking power supply, hard rest, unplugging everything and plugging them back one at a time, reseating and swapping RAM, and even reseating the CPU, also the changing Graphics Card etc, full details of which is hopefully upcoming in my next video…stay tuned for long awaited Troubleshoot series I have been promising you guys.

Of course when none of the above worked, I decided to go into the BIOS, and disable every warning status I could find, and then re-enabling them one by one, each time rebooting.

Lo and behold, only after the 3rd trial reboot, I found the problem and hence the solution. For this motherboard (the GA 945-PL-S3) hit delete after turning the pc on, go into BIOS, and go down to the 6th tab, which is PC Health Status. Now your motherboard layout will vary, consult your manual for similar tab. As you can see I had disabled Reset case Open Status, CPU warning Temperature, CPU Fan Fail Warning, Power Fan Fail Warning etc…It was this last one, the power fan fail warning which was enabled, and since I had no fan connected to this fan port here, that was the problem

And to prove this theory I am going to leave the next bit of shooting uncut and unedited, even with the beep noise, which I will try to lower for your convenience. So first we will enable the power fan fail warning, and reboot…now we have noise….so let’s disable it and reboot, and now we have no noise…and for the last time let’s enable it, but we will switch off and plug a fan into this fan header, and restart, and voila…no more noise.

But Ash, I hear you ask, what about the other gaming pc with the long continuous boot. Well I’m glad you asked, cos its exactly the same shish kebab.

You see this system fan header, no connection, and you see this tab, PC health status, again Power Fan Fail Warning was enabled. So same solution

Hopefully I will cover this in more detail in the upcoming troubleshoot series, including beep codes problems.

Once again thank you so much for watching. You know what to do down below. This was Ash from HealMyTech, helping you go from Newbie to Techie, so go ahead unleash your true potential. Until next time, peace out!

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