Mr. Heater golf cart heater, modle # MH4GC, Review

Mr. Heater golf cart heater, modle # MH4GC, Review

Mr. Heater golf cart heater. model # MH4GC
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My Mr. Heater golf cart heater review.
I just got my Mr. Heater golf cart heater, and I love it. It is easy to use, it works great, and it has safety features that other heaters don’t have. Like the insulated back (safe to touch), the
automatic low oxygen shut-off system that automatically turns the heater off if there is not a safe level of oxygen, and the 90 degree tip-over safety switch that shuts the heater off if it tips over but reduces nuisance shut-offs from bumps when driving your golf cart. Another great feature that other heaters don’t have is it is wind resistant, for optimal heat output in windy conditions and when the golf cart is moving.

Other features include:
one button push on ignition, very easy to start.
4000 BTU burner for fast warm ups.
cup holder adapter, will fit probably any golf cart.
connects directly to a 1 lb. LP cylinder
5 1/2 hours of run time

It was 42 degrees out side the day I made this video. I had just moved my golf cart out of the garage so I’d have better lighting, and I had the sides rolled down. So it was a little warmer in the golf cart, 50 degrees, than the outside temperature. I was very pleased with how fast and how warm it got inside my golf cart.

I was a little worried about the heater being top heavy and falling over when I was going over hills and bumps on the golf course. I very happy when it stayed put.

I bought mine off Amazon because they had the best price $81.97 and with prime I got free shipping.

Don’t forget to get propane also

I am very happy with my Mr. Heater golf cart heater and have been telling my friends about it.