More New Talent: The Golf Swing of Karah Sanford

More New Talent: The Golf Swing of Karah Sanford

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I have never met Karah Sanford, and neither had I heard of her until her father, Perry, stumbled upon my YouTube videos, liked them, and decided to send me a video compilation of her hitting different shots and putting. The Sanfords are from California, and they traveled to Pinehurst last year for Karah to compete in the U.S. Kids World Championships, which she won by 8 strokes, beating her nearest competitor (an Italian girl who had beaten Karah in a playoff to the win the 8-year old title the year before) by 8 shots with a score of 12-under par for 27 holes. Pretty amazing stuff. Another interesting fact about Karah is that she has never had a lesson. It will be a hard decision whether or not to hire someone to guide her along, as you never want to mess up a good thing. My idea would be to give her one thing every now and then, and try to remember that she is only 9 and that whatever habits she has now probably won’t be non-repairable in the future.

As soon as I saw her swing I thought “Bobby Jones”, and funny thing, when Perry got home after watching some of my videos, he brought Karah over to his computer and showed her my swing analysis of Bobby Jones. He didn’t tell me this, and before he could get to it I sent him a short video of Karah side by side with Jones. I added the Nicklaus putting clip after watching her putt and seeing the eerie similarities. Jones and Nicklaus: one could do worse.