MK2 GTI VR6 Swap * Driving, VR Sounds, Lot's of smiling * Pt.12 TIME TO DRIVE

MK2 GTI VR6 Swap * Driving, VR Sounds, Lot's of smiling * Pt.12 TIME TO DRIVE

MK2 VR6 Swap Driving, VR6 sounds, Lot’s of Smiling. TIME TO DRIVE.
Come take a ride with me. Dream Day

Very Grateful I got to take my MK2 out today and share the ride with you guys. Today was a dream Ive had since I started this car and today that dream came true. Sunny warm days are here and I plan on taking every chance I get to road trip this car.

Going back to the first video to where the car is now. It’s amazing to see the progress. All those cold days and nights in the shop were so worth getting this done in time for summer.

Big Thank you to all my friends that have helped me out with my car or helped me with making a video for you guys.

Thank you for all the positive feedback through the series. I’m still getting emails and comments almost everyday from the vortex overview video.

I never ever thought when I was making that first video it would spawn into a series and then some.

Like I said in the first video Im not the best person to be explaining this swap and I still wish someone else would have already made a visual guide like this. I’m just trying to put something out there that hopefully will help someone.

Please Like These Video’s It will make it easier for the people that need this information to find it.

I like to think maybe I helped someone else’s dream become reality one day.

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