Make more putts with the Miura KM-007 Putter

Make more putts with the Miura KM-007 Putter

Katsuhiro Miura, the legendary Japanese maker of the Miura Forged golf clubs has once again added another club to his arsenal. The KM-007 putter is the fourth in the KM line. Built with the finest quality low-carbon steel, this putter is milled into a mallet shaped design to help please the eyes of golfers.

Putter Specs:
Material : Mild steel
Process: Forging and CNC (computer-numeric controlled) milling
Finish: W nickel (satin) and chrome
Loft: 4°
Lie: 72°
Head weight: 360 grams

The KM-007 offers a more face-balanced option within the Miura KM putter line. The KM-350, a heel-shafted model that is relatively short heel-to-toe, appeals to players with more of a fan-shaped putting stroke. The KM-005 (350g head weight) and KM-006 (370g), whose shaft intersection point is closer to the center of the putter face, are “quarter-hang” models balanced mostly for back-and-through swingers. The 007 will work well for that kind of stroke too.

The suggested retail price of the KM-007 is US$450.00. Learn more at

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