Majestic Princess 盛世公主号 Balcony Cabin Tour (4K)

Majestic Princess 盛世公主号 Balcony Cabin Tour (4K)

Tour the inside of a typical Majestic Princess Balcony Cabin, specifically room R202 (Riviera Deck 14 Forward). This particular stateroom had a designation of category DE.

The Majestic is the sister ship of the Regal and the Royal Princess, so you should find that balcony cabins from there very similar to the one in this video.

This was from our March 2018 14 Day Cruise aboard the Majestic Princess, aka the 盛世公主号 for the Chinese market. The cabin holds up to 3 passengers, with the third sleeping on a sofa bed that extends out.

Overall we enjoyed this balcony stateroom- it was quiet, comfortable, and had plenty of storage space. The only thing we did not like was where the toilet paper holder was placed in the bathroom as you have to stand up and reach forward to access it. That is certainly a very strange design decision by Princess.
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