LOWER YOUR SCORES with Damage Control Mode PART 1 – Replica Golf Course

LOWER YOUR SCORES with Damage Control Mode PART 1 – Replica Golf Course

The HosenScheissers played the Royal Gems Golf City which is a replica course just outside Bangkok. In this episode, I play with 1980 blades and 1990’s balata golf balls to try break 80. Why? Well because I can and because I want to. This is the Way of the Playa!




The golf course is superb and one of the best manicured in Bangkok area. The first nine is a replica of 9 famous golf holes:
1. Oakmont church pew
2. Bay Hill round the water par 5
3. Sawgrass 17th
4. Blue Monster
5. Postage Stamp from one of the links
6. Road hole of St Andrews Old Course
7. Bethpage black
8. Winged Foot
9. Brabazon

The second nine is an Augusta Back nine replica and is superb but will be in the second part!

In this part, you see the damage control done by focusing on just egtting on or near the green whenever you make a screw up. Sometimes we can go into negative town and spiral out of control worrying about mechanics and how we’re hitting the ball.

Stay positive and just accept it’s one of those days where you need to accept the bad shots and just get that silly ball in the cup.

Hole 1 was a disaster but a bounce-back birdie on the second shows grit and character. Third hole I screwed up the filming but I parred that and then follows that up with a shocking tee shot on the 4th. Instead of crying, I gave a nod to the gods that I am fallable and thought, well I got up and down on the 2nd hole, why not here?

So I hit the ball to the open piece right of the green and hit a nice pitch. I nearly holed it for par but saved the bogey and avoided the double. After a horrendous lie in the par 3 bunker on the 5th, I had a chip for par up the hill onto a small green but kept my nerve to make the bogey and not a double.

The road hole could easily have been a double but I was playing to get it on the green at all costs and got lucky that it took the bounce I wanted. Worst case there is a bogey and we elminate the double.

Bethpage par 5 on the 7th and I was lucky to hit a tree into the fairway but then made a meal of the second shot. Damage control mode again and just get it on the green for 4 and make at worst, a bogey.

The 8th hole was a tough chip but if you focus and believe in yourself with the practice you do, you can get up and down from anywhere really. One shot saved there too. Final hole it was too hot to go putt so I took a 2 foot gimme to get a beer.

Music by audionautix.com