Lamkin Golf Grip Tips: When to Regrip

Lamkin Golf Grip Tips: When to Regrip

Find out when to regrip your golf club grips! Get advice on changing golf grips from PGA Tour player Brendan Steele and Bob Lamkin. In this video, professionals explain how and when to regrip golf clubs for maximum performance and grip adhesion. Maintenance of these performance grip components is necessary to keep your golf grips looking and performing like new.

Brendan Steele explains the frequency of grip changes, the importance of regular maintenance, and other details of golf grip changing. Players of all skill levels can benefit from keeping grips in good condition, even professionals have been known to play with tattered, worn out grips. Learn from the experts, and watch your game improve drastically.

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{Video Transcript}

Bob: Can you talk to me a little bit on how much you regrip your clubs a year? Or for a lot of the public, I’d like for them to know how important their grips are to tour players.

Brendan: The grips are huge. One of the most important things that the guys are doing every week on tour when we’ve got the tour vans out there is regripping their clubs. I probably regrip my clubs about four times a year, and that’s probably not as often as some of the guys do, but fortunately I’ve got a grip that holds up very well, so I don’t have to do it as often as maybe other guys do. It doesn’t go out of shape, it doesn’t lose the cord, it doesn’t lose the feel. So I like to do it about four times a year, and make sure that I’ve got that connection, and that I’m not increasing any tension and not making the game harder than it needs to be.

Bob: What we want to be able to communicate with the golfing public especially core players, I see it all the time that you have really, really good players, players of every level, and their grips are years old and they’re worn and slick. I actually saw a guy a few months ago when I was playing in Phoenix, the grip was actually tearing up the shaft. And my belief is that the grip is your only connection to the golf club, it has to be properly sized which we can touch on, and if it’s old and worn, you’re going to have that grip pressure.