Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs – Are They Actually Better?!

Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs – Are They Actually Better?!

Are ladies hybrid golf clubs better than other golf clubs? That’s a great question! Natalie Adams – PGA Teaching Pro, shows you why should you try ladies hybrid golf clubs!

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If you’re considering trying Hybrid Golf Club, because a lot of the people that you play with have them or you’ve been reading magazines that they’re a lot easier to hit then have a go with the Thomas Golf Hybrid, have a look at their website and see what variety they’ve got. They have all the way through the bag, short clubs, high loft, long clubs, low loft, everything is covered with those hybrids and the reason you want to have a go with them is, they’re just so much more forgiving. So if we look at a hybrid golf club and why you should try it, main reason is hybrids have the length of shaft of an iron, so it makes them very easy to control. But they have the head of a wood and the head of a wood is much bigger than that of an iron and it makes them so much easier to hit.

So larger head you’re going t look at that golf club and think yeah I can really hit that one it’s next to the ball, you haven’t got that narrow top line of the iron to look at, you’ve got this really large head and the larger you got, the club head, the more surface area there’s for you to connect. The larger the club head becomes also the larger the sweet spot becomes and the sweet spot is the maximum distance and accuracy point on that clubface, it’s the middle of the golf club. So normally with an iron sweet spot is only the size of a small coin with a bigger club head it becomes a bigger coin so you’re giving yourself a much bigger area to actually connect with making a lot easier to get the ball, maximum distance, maximum height and maximum accuracy.

Also with the hybrid, another reason why you should try it is the centre of gravity is much lower in this club than it is with the irons and that means for you as a golfer, it’s much easier to get the ball up into the air. This lower center of gravity gives the club a much higher launch angle and the higher launch angle means the ball is up in the air and travelling further forward meaning you’ll get a maximum distance for the same shot that you would have hit with an iron, so you’ll hit them a lot, lot further and they’re much easier to hit.

And finally try them because if you don’t hit the ball from the center, the technology in this club means that the club head resists the twisting effect that’s exerted by an off center hit. So if the club doesn’t twist by your off center hits, the clubface will stay much squarer and you’ll hit much more accurately. So they’re main reasons why you should try hitting hybrids especially as a lady golfer, if you’ve got a slightly slower swing speed, getting the ball up into the air, because you’ve got a higher launch angle means you’ll hit the ball a lot, lot further but they’re much more forgiving and just basically much easier to hit. So have a look at the Thomas Golf website, there’s a whole variety of different hybrids on the website, lots of different lofts and there’s going to be something on there that you’re going to finally improve your golf game.