KN Golf Links Nha Trang Golf Tours Nha Trang KN Golf Courses Nha Trang

KN Golf Links Nha Trang Golf Tours Nha Trang KN Golf Courses Nha Trang

BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – NK Golf Links Nha Trang is another excellent golf courses designed by Greg Norman. KN Golf Links Cam Ranh offers great golf courses in Nha Trang – the beach city in Vietnam. Taking the most of advantages from natural surrounding landscapes to build one of the most beautiful golf courses in Vietnam ensuring all players will have excellent golfing experience in Nha Trang at KN Golf Links Cam Ranh.


KN Golf Links Nha Trang is 27-hole golf courses in Vietnam, offering players two courses of 18 holes and 9 holes. This is the signature design of Mr Greg Norman who had designed wonderful and best golf courses in Vietnam which are all favorite and priority choices for many players who are looking for exclusive golf tours Vietnam.

Setting on Long Beach in Cam Ranh Bay, just 20 minutes of driving from Nha Trang City, owning amazing views of natural geography, surrounding landscapes of beautiful mountains at backdrop which leave NK Golf Courses Nha Trang stunning views which hardly can be found among all golf courses in Vietnam located along the coastline in the country.

All holes and fairways in KN Golf Links Nha Tranh are setting on sand dunes with the high levels changing up to 50 meters in height, creating wonderful challenges for players to enjoy the best of their golf tours in Nha Trang at one of the most beautiful golf courses in Vietnam. The sand dunes at the beach, amazing water hazards and bunkers are perfectly structured in the way to brings the beauty to the golf courses as well as offering interesting feeling for players to perform as well as challenge while play golf in Nha Trang.

The structures of fairways, holes without trees are similar to some other golf courses in Vietnam locating at the beach or in front of the sea. This is different from most other golf courses inland or in the mountain areas, especially comparing to the golf courses around Hanoi, in the North of Vietnam, the KN Links Golf Courses Cam Ranh is very unique and special in its own styles with the combination of natural and perfect designing work.

Some natural bushes and grass and that is it. The whole KN Golf Links Cam Ranh is planted with Zoysia suitable to the soil and sand at the beach. Very well taken care and maintained, reflecting with the blue ocean, while sand offering stunning views which would satisfy any golfers who are looking for luxury golf tours Vietnam. The greens at NK Golf Club Nha Trang are planted with Tiff-Eagle Bermuda grass which offer accuracy shots for players.

The most famous and interesting holes at KN Golf Links Cam Ranh is Hole N0 10 and No 15. These two are Par 4 with the direction down to the ocean and three small islands. Players who are looking for best golf courses in Nha Trang, Vietnam can choose to play at Links Courses or Oasis Courses.

The Links Courses are more challenge. The designing team has put so much efforts and imaginations to create beautiful Links Courses at KN Golf Links Nha Trang with amazing fairways bend as the sand dunes and natural terrains go which made the golf courses in Nha Trang very impressive to play and enjoy best golf tours Vietnam.

This is the third design of golf courses in Vietnam done by Norman with great cares to bring wonderful golfing experience and challenges to player no matter what levels they are. This is perfect for both leisure and sport players to enjoy exclusive golf tours in Nha Trang.

To players who care about the designing concept of the golf courses in Vietnam will not be disappointed with KN Golf Links Cam Ranh, Vietnam, from the greens, fairways to bunkers, water hazards, traps, signature holes…all guarantee for the best golf tours Vietnam.

Managed by IMG, the KN Golf Links Nha Trang offer 5-star services and high quality of green fields to ensure all players will enjoy the best golf tours Vietnam, play golf in Nha Trang. The facilities are modern, luxury and high class. The Club House is built on the highest point, offering amazing views to the golf courses in Nha Trang, surrounding areas and the ocean. At KN Golf Courses Nha Trang, players will surely enjoy the best of their golf tours in Vietnam.

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