KEEPING THE DEMONS AWAY to Break 80 Like a Baus

KEEPING THE DEMONS AWAY to Break 80 Like a Baus



MY STORE: for the super adhesive stick-on patches on my hat, like a BAUS.


I spent 5 days with Pro Mo and his family.
It changed my whole life.
I didn’t even want to play golf as much after 5 weeks off. I had some pain in my trap and lat and lower back muscles from editing videos, playing and neglecting my body. I have tried to grow this channel and the movement a lot this year. After 5 weeks off, I wondered why I didn’t feel like playing.

Then i played with Mo and Bo. Bo really turned on my feeling to play again watching how SIMPLY and RELAXED she went about tearing up the course FROM THE SAME TEES.

The week with Mo also gave me some insight into how he thinks and how he tries to get his game to the next level. The mental game si so huge, I didn’t even realize HOW HUGE.

He wants to simplify everything and he pointed out that I looked like I had WAY TO MANY THOUGHTS speeding through my head like cars on a highway. It was true. He mentioned how he is in pursuit of a totally quiet mind so he can just swing and hit the ball wher ehe wants it to go.

The mind must get OUT OF THE WAY. The first 6 holes in this video, that was not happening. My mind was very much in the way. Some typical thoughts in those first few holes:
1. I must film two people, this will be tough
2. Where must I go after this shot, where is Bo’s ball?
3. I can’t believe I missed my flight on early Monday morning
4. Caddie don’t tell me there is water or OB anywhere just point me in the direction of the fairway
5. Why did I go to the range, all I did was smash.

Multiply that by 100 and you have how many thoughts were clogging my mind. Then I listened to Mo and I realized I was playing golf in my favorite city, with my new favorite golfer, and his awesome sister and it wasn’t that hot, there was beautiful scenery and I COULD BE UNDER THE THUMB OF SOME SHITTY LUMBERGH!

It suddenly just changed. Total relaxation. More humor, more fun. This video series in Chiang Mai will be my “Dark Period” as I was not in a good state of mind. I enjoyed every second with Mo, and in Chiang Mai, but for reasons I will explain in a video in a couple days, the course was less attractive to me.

On one hand that happened, and on the other, I started seeing golf as it is supposed to be seen. It’s a game. It’s for fun. The main purpose I play is for fun and socializing so if that’s you too…then I hope you also are as lucky as me to find great golfing friends who keep it fun and keep it light hearted. Mo and Bo do this. Didi and The White Fox do this. Steve does this. Rahat, Tiha, Liam, Matt Penkoks all the playas from the channel I have met do this. This is what is so fantastic about the Golf Sidekick movement. We are all each other’s sidekicks. We all want fun, we all want stress-free golf. We don’t want the traditional stuffiness, rules aficionado, “future pro” mid handicappers, snooty low handicappers, swing mechanic advice givers. We wanna jam and we wanna jam with similar people!

I got over all that stupid misery and there are tons of new videos coming from Malaysia and I realized I also don’t need to film everything! I also realized I don’t even have to play while filming other interesting people!

I love to show you playas interesting things and good scores, but I realized i can also have some leisurely rounds without a camera and that’s okay. I actually felt like I was depriving the playas of seeing something good or learning something from the bad if I didn’t film. LOL, how presumptuous! I am looking to bring new people to the channel so we can celebrate other people’s games instead of watching me hack it around the place like a bonehead.

Thank you playas for watching!