Keeping the Club Head Outside of Hands on Back Swing for Better Shots

Keeping the Club Head Outside of Hands on Back Swing for Better Shots

Here the student naturally swings the club head a little too far on the inside path on the back swing, then goes well across the line at the top of the swing. Within a few minutes of work in the mirror, and using some body awareness, she makes instant changes. She can then transfer these to her shot making and use these mirror drills at home between the times of our lessons together to maximize her rate of progress.

See your own swing using the V1 Golf App and use your mirror at home to make GREAT strides in your golf swing. No need to go beat balls if you are simply going to repeat less than optimal swings. Take nice slow swings, notice where your body is in space, become very aware of your own tendencies and habits. Then you know what to work on, make the adjustments, do the work, see the results. Just like life.

Would you like to book your virtual golf lesson with me? You can use the V1 Golf App on your smartphone! See how below. The technology is there, so wherever you are in the world, send me your swing, and we will get you on a better path for improved shots and more fun on the course!

Come see me at for your golf lesson or you can create a virtual golf lesson through the v1 Golf App on your smart device for a small fee.

1-Simply download the V1 Golf App:

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3 Select Instructor: Joal Harding

And your golf swing gets emailed directly to me to review and send back to you as a video golf lesson for a small fee. Message me by clicking on ‘about’ and ‘send message’ to find out how to pay for your virtual golf lesson.

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