This video discusses the basics of the D|river and the Iron golf swing. The video highlights the key differences between the iron and the driver swing in the set up position but also at impact. The video emphasises the similarities between the two swings too, so be careful your don’t fall into one of these traps.

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This golf coaching video is a focus on helping you understand all the basics when it comes to using the driver with your golf swing, this video also ensures the same is to be done with the iron swing.

If your after some golf swing tips, to help you get more golf swing speed, improve your club path and help make the golf swing simple and easy.Then this video is going to put you in the right place.

A lot of information is going to be discussed in this video from the set up, posture, grip and all basics.

Then the discussion of weight transfer in your golf swing, the position at the top of the backswing, the angle of approach the club hits the ball with the iron and the driver and finally the common mistakes made by most amateur golfers.

So if you need help with the iron swing basics, to build a better iron swing, to help you improve your swing plane, and need the same help with the driver to cover all the basics and understand where your going wrong then this video will certainly help.