Increase Your Lag With The Rope Drill

Increase Your Lag With The Rope Drill

Use this rope drill to increase lag in your downswing…
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We’re going to increase your lag in your downswing. So, some of you may wonder how this rope’s going to help you get better. I’m here to tell you, it will. I’ve seen it.

So, here’s what happens. For most of us out there, we can’t maintain lag in the downswing long enough, and you’re like, “Coach, I need all the help I can get.” So, here it is. This rope, because there’s a flexibility in the middle of it, instead of having a steel shaft, you will feel extension in a much more larger manner than normal. This flag will make it feel so much worse when you throw that club away early, or throw the flag or the rope away, outside your right foot. So, you get that feeling of throwing the flag out early, that’s your cast. That’s the throw. That’s the flip. That’s all the ugly stuff that you want.

And now you say, “Coach, I don’t have that fancy flag that you’re carrying around.” You can use a long beach towel. Clamp it off with some tape at the middle and the ends, and you have yourself a dumbed-down version of what I’ve got. And so, what you can do is, you’re trying to get the sensation of having that flag extend after the golf ball, out past impact. So, the feeling is, you swing out to the top, extend out past the impact area. Up to the top, extend out past the impact area. Now, the feeling that’s probably going to change the most is that you will feel like you’re waiting, waiting, waiting, snap. It’s going to feel like it takes a lot longer until your hands actually deliver the club face through impact. And it’s going to wait, wait, wait, snap. Wait, wait, wait, wait, snap. Whereas, normally, it’s hit it from the top, snapping early, losing power, losing accuracy. So, this drill, you want to feel that snap at the end.

Now, if you struggle with it, you can kind of do a little dance, let it rock side to side, snap it through. Kind of let it rock side to side, gain a little momentum, snap it through, and just get a feel of what it’s like to create a little lag, and snap it through impact. Once you’ve gained that sensation, we can take our golf club. We’ve learned how to lie the ball with the flag or towel, and now we’re going to see the ball take off a little bit faster because we’ve got a little more shaft lean. So, the feeling’s going to change. You’re going to have to feel like you’re waiting to snap into impact rather than trying to get it right out of the gate. And if you liked that video, if you liked that tip, please like our video below, subscribe below, and leave a comment below. That way, we can get back to you, respond to your questions or comments. Hopefully, you’re improving along with us, and you’re getting some knowledge from these nuggets, and we’re making you a little bit better as you go through your golf journey.

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