I Can’t Believe This Lady At The Bins Just GAVE Me This!

I Can’t Believe This Lady At The Bins Just GAVE Me This!


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The goodwill bins can be a feeding frenzy sometimes! Today, it was the complete opposite! An incredibly kind lady (that I have never met) gave me a GREAT item for NO REASON!

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My ebay store link below! Check it out to see how I list my items or buy something to support the channel 🙂


My Contact Info:

P.O. Box 50032
Columbia, S.C.

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Email: hairytornado@gmail.com

You can also DM me on Instagram @hairytornado


Video Products I Use:

– Neewer Ring Light

– My studio camera (Canon M50). Try and find it used on eBay

– Mic for studio use (clips on top of the Canon M50 but can also plug into your phone if that’s what you use to film. A good mic is crucial to creating good quality content)

– Logitech Webcam For Livestreams

– Microphone for Livestreams

– GoPro Hero 7 Black Bundle (How I film at yard sales and thrift stores)

– This is how I clip my GoPro to my backpack

Shipping Supplies

– Clear Polybag Set, 4 sizes, 100 of each size (I use them for clothing stored in bins)

– 9×12 Teal Polybags (shipping clothing)

– 12×15.5 Polybags (I use these to ship large hoodies and blankets with pirate ship)

– 700 feet of bubble wrap (I order this about once every 2 months)

– tape gun (comes with one roll of tape)

– postal scale

– rollo printer (I currently use the dymo 4xl, but I think this one is better)

Ebay Photography Set Up

– soft box kit

– Paper for solid white background (you can also just use multiple pieces of poster board and edit out the seams)

Other Products I Strongly Recommend:

– “Youtube Secrets” this book is a MUST READ if you want to start a channel or improve an existing one.

– The metal shelving units I use. I have 4 of these. I also made a video about these and I’m pretty proud of it 🙂 Here is the link if you want to check it out.

– Lume Deodorant (The absolute BEST deodorant I’ve ever used. Natural, no aluminum, and most importantly, FUNCTIONAL


1. How Do You Edit Your Videos?

I do all of my video editing on my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I use an App called Power Director.

2. How Do You Ship Large Items?

For things like golf clubs and baseball bats, I use the shipping tubes from www.usps.com
They are free and will ship right to your door. For wider, longer items like golf bags, I use the the sport utility
box from Uhaul. It is $5.95. Here is the link to that:
If you need to ship a golf bag and you dont have time to get the box, you can just wrap it in some bubble and plastic wrap and send it off.
No box needed.

3. How Did You Grow Your Channel So Fast?

I studied. I watched THOUSANDS of hours of youtube videos about how to make videos. I watched other top resellers and saw what videos did well for them.
I took advice from youtube pros like Nick Nimmin, Roberto Blake and Video Influencers and APPLIED it to my videos.
I also posted often and stuck to a schedule. I took time to edit my videso in a way that made them interesting, clear and concise.
Viewers want you to GET TO THE POINT. I also think I’ve had a little luck
along the way.

5. What Sells Best On Ebay?

Just search “what sold on ebay” and watch every video you can. The market fluctuates every day. Things that sell today, weren’t selling 6 months ago.
Things that sold 6 months ago may be worthless today. You just have to do research. I’d suggest sticking to
categories you know when you first start. If you’re a golfer, try selling golf stuff. The best sellers on ebay are knowledgable about
everything they are selling (to some degree).