Hub centric rings – do you need them?

Hub centric rings – do you need them?

A few days ago I noticed my car had a weird vibration at speeds above 40 mph. I thought I had a bad wheel or maybe steering rack problems or something else entirely.

But my mechanic took a look at my wheel s and said, “you’re missing hub centric rings on your wheel hubs, that’s why you have a vibration at these speeds”.

What are hub centric rings and why do you need them?

Hub centric rings are used only when the center (hub) bore on your wheel is larger than your wheel hub. This never happens with stock rims/wheels, so they are only needed when you are using aftermarket wheels.

Aftermarket wheel manufacturers make the hub bores on their wheel larger so they can fit as many different wheel hubs as possible. Since call car wheel hubs are not the same diameter it often happens that the wheel hub bore is larger than your wheel hub. This is when you need hub centric rings.
Wheel bolts / lug nuts are not designed to take the weight of the wheel, that is the purpose of the wheel hub. The weight of the wheel rests on the wheel hub. The bolts (lug nuts and lugs) simply attach the wheel, they do not hold the weight of the wheel /car.
Without a hub centric ring and with a gap between the wheel and wheel hub vibration occurs when wheel rotations is fast enough. Vibration occurs because the wheel is not resting on the wheel hub and it moves up and down as it rotates. Once rotation is fast enough this causes vibration.

As soon as I installed my hub centric rings my vibration was gone. Driving too long without hub centric rings can actually damage your lug and bolt threads and cause them to loosen which can result in the wheel falling off while driving.

So, take a look at your wheels and see if you have that gap, if you do its a good idea to get some wheel centric rings.
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