How to use Uconnect and Everything you need to Know About the 2020 Ram Pickup Truck

How to use Uconnect and Everything you need to Know About the 2020 Ram Pickup Truck

How to use Uconnect and Everything you need to Know About the 2020 Ram Pickup Truck

Preparation for NASA PItt Race (Pittsburgh International Raceway.). At the The Pitt Stop cross over with NASA Atlantic and NASA Great Lakes. ST1 – ST4. How to be NASA COMPLIANT NASA COMPLIANCE AND COMPETITION. Review and Process for Becoming a Racecar Driver. Where to learn to be a Racecar driver. Review and Information of what is the NASA HPDE Program. Compliance Certification. The goal ultimately is winning a NASA National Championship.

How to Improve your Ford Mustang! Everything you need to know about the GT350 And GT350R upgrades and go-Fast Parts!!

It’s time to Continue the Legacy Of the Shelby GT350. Setting our sites on a Championship. Maybe 10 Championships. Ever Wonder if you have what it takes? Ever Wonder, How do I go about getting your car in the track? Then What? Ok I’m Good at these Mom And Pop HPDE ( High Performance Drivers Education.). I’ve done the Skip Barber and the GT350 School and The Boss S Mustang Class now what? What is next? How do I go about doing Wheel to Wheel Racing and Build my car to meet Specs? What Do I need? How much does it cost?

All these Answers and More are about to be Answered. Right Here on Shelby Exotics.

GT350 Going to The Nasa Series. It’s a process but one we will take you along for the ride as our quest for Victory and Building The Ultimate Race MuStang Shelby GT350/TR sets sail.

We test and do not settle until we Make the best balanced track focused street legal track car and mods available. Reviewing the best sports cars on the market. As well as Developing Parts with the best Aftermarket Parts Manufacturers to Solve Specific Challenges. Primarily regarding Ford Mustang S550 and S197 Mustang and Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack Two Performance Pack Two Platforms. Along with the 2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Also to maximize every performance aspect to Make the Shelby GT350 and GT350R the Absolute Best it can be. In Looks, on road capabilities and track Only Models and uses.

Welcome to Shelby Exotics. We Track, Update and Review our Latest Mods to our S550 Platform GT350 Mustangs. We also Collect Exotic Cars (Porsche and Ferrari), Super Cars (458 Spider and GT3RS), Muscle Cars (SRT Hellcat Shelby GT350R and CTS-V Wagon) and most recently Building Race cars (Mark I, Mark II). Two car Nuts. Set out in a mission to install, test and develop the perfect most balance, Reliable, Trouble Free S550 race car. Using the latest technologies and some trial, more often, and Error. Deep Exploration of the Best After Market Racing and Performance Parts, Vital Fluids and Professionals. The GT350TR (Mark I) was born. Built with NASA Series TT2 and ST2 In mind. Became a test Mule for Mark II. Mark II is the example of Automotive Performance evolution At 5.2 Motorsports. The gestation of Mark II is well Documented on this Channel. SUPPORTERS: Drivers Cory D. And Shelby Exotics. CAR BUILDER Nyle Wing of Wing’s Auto Art.


E-Motion Controls

Custom Components Solid Surface Div.




S550 Mustang

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