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HOW TO STOP SWINGING AT BAD PITCHES. In today’s video Coach Justin from Ultimate Baseball Training will show you a few baseball hitting tips to help you stop swinging at bad pitches.

The good thing about swinging at bad pitches is at least you’re swinging the bat. It’s much easier to put the brakes on a hitter who is aggressive vs. try to teach a hitter to have an aggressive mentality.

The problem is, if you’re swinging at bad pitches that aren’t strikes, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. You’re probably finding yourself getting into more two-strike counts and making weaker contact.

Keep a good “yes, yes, no” approach and if it’s a good pitch, hammer it! The key is to try to have aggressive patience.

That being said, the first thing that will really help you stop swinging at bad pitches is having an understanding of how pitches start and how they finish.

In other words, understanding how different pitches move. If a curveball starts at your front hip and looks like it’s hanging, it’s going to break for a strike. If it starts as a low strike, it’s going to keep breaking even lower until it eventually breaks out of the zone. A 4-seam fastball is a straighter pitch, etc.

Another tip is to have your coaches mix it up in BP, soft toss, and front toss – occasionally throwing bad pitches that you have to take and also throwing different pitches, not just fastballs.

Another great way to stop swinging at bad pitches is to work on hitting in different counts in practice. Have your coach/teammate give you a situation. When you’re in “hitters counts,” be more selective and wait for your pitch. When you’re behind in the count, you have to open up your zone and be more aggressive.

Lastly, many times the result of swinging at bad pitches is poor pitch recognition. If you’re having trouble seeing the ball and picking up pitches, make sure you’re using a soft to hard focus. Try to minimize head movement as much as possible.