How to Start Your Vehicle in Cold Weather & Clean it Off

How to Start Your Vehicle in Cold Weather & Clean it Off

Learn how to start your vehicle in cold weather and clean off ice & snow. Watch the video! CLICK to get your winter driving checklist: SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ►

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In the winter drivers require a quality snowbrush & scraper in their vehicle to clean off the snow and ice. This is important so that you can see and communicate with other drivers on the road.

As well, when starting the engine in cold weather, there is a procedure. Turn the key to the ‘ON’ position; wait for the system lights to go off; and then start the motor. If you give the vehicle’s computer a moment, it will do a system analysis–check the outside temperature–and adjust the fuel-to-air mixture for better starting.

If you are above 8,000 feet or 2,400 meters, you may have to depress the throttle to assist starting.

Also, before cranking over the motor, turn off all electrical accessories in the vehicle to ensure that all the power from the battery goes to the starter motor. Do not crank the starter motor for longer than 15 seconds. If the engine does not start, simply stop, wait 20 seconds, and the try again. If the motor does not start after 6 or 8 attempts, you’ll likely need a mechanic.

Turn the defrost on full. If the air conditioning does not activate, turn it on too. As well, turn the heater to recirculation, which will only use the heat inside the cabin and not draw in cold air from outside.

Do NOT turn on the windshield wipers – they are likely frozen to the windshield, and will have to be broken free before activating.

Clean off the vehicle, glass & lights, and then proceed.

Good luck on your road test!